Quartz Stone Care And Maintenance

2021-09-03 14:51

I. basic maintenance

The product has excellent physical properties, water stains, food, dust, bacteria will not

invade its surface. Daily maintenance only needs to use sponges, soap or window wipes,

paper towels to remove dust and dirt, to disinfect the diluted bleach and water (1:1) or

other disinfectant to wipe its surface, remember to use dry towels to absorb water intime.

II. Special care

For those stubborn dirt, such as black juice, hair dye, food pigment and other stubborn

stains, decontamination steps should be carried out according to different plate surfaces.

1. Smooth surface: use decontamination cleaner to grind along the circle, then clean, and

then dry with dry towels. Wipe the whole table with a hundred clean cloth at intervals to

keep its surface clean.

2. Yaguang: use Bajie cloth dipped in non-abrasive detergent to rub along the circular

direction. Dry with a towel. Non-abrasive polishes are used to enhance the surface effect.

3. Highlights: with sponges and non-abrasive brighteners. Dirt that is particularly difficult

to remove can be polished with 1200 mesh sandpaper and then brightened with soft

cloth and brightener.

4. Artificial stone flume: use decontamination detergent and water. Often soak in 1:1

bleach aqueous solution for 10-15 minutes, then wash the bottom and surrounding

with clean water.

III. Special problem solving (removal of knife marks, scratches, burns)

One of the advantages of artificial stone table is that it can be repaired after scratching

or breakage. As with the removal of dirt, the removal of knife marks and scratches should

also be carried out on different surfaces.

1. Smooth surface: with 600mesh sand disk along the circle grinding, knife marks,

scratches removed and then with 800-1200 mesh sand disk round grinding, and finally

wipe with a hundred clean cloth.

2. Matte: with the above clean surface treatment method, then wipe with soft cloth and

brightener, and finally wipe with 100 clean cloth.

3. Highlights: first with 800mesh sand disk grinding until the scratches disappear, then

hand 1200-1500 mesh sand disk grinding, and then with 2000 mesh sandpaper grinding,

and finally wipe with a hundred clean cloth.

IV. Maintenance methods

1. When the hot pot, hot plate or other overheated utensils just taken from the fire or

microwave oven are placed on the artificial stone table, they should be separated by an

insulated mat or a tripod with rubber feet. When electric frying pan or other heating

appliances are placed on the table, fire cushions should be used to cushion them below

so as not to cause damage to the stone table. If the contact time with the reinforcement

product is too long, it may lead to the damage of the artificial stone table. If the table is

splashed with paint remover, oven cleaner, bath agent containing acetone or methylene

chloride, deacidizing agent, toilet cleaning agent, adhesive, paint diluent, etc., rinse with

soapy water as soon as possible, then rinse with clean water and dry with towel.

2. Turn on cold water before pouring hot water into the sink; cool the hot oil before

pouring it into the sink or discard it.

3. Cut vegetables on the vegetable board, not directly on the artificial stone table,

do not let overweight or too sharp objects directly impact on the surface, and do not

rinse with cold water immediately after hot water, so as not to leave traces. If the water

stays on the artificial stone table for a long time (because the water contains a large

number of bleach and scale) to form stubborn dirt, so that the color of the table

becomes lighter and affects the appearance, the surface should be dried as soon as

possible, dried with hairdryer heating or wiped with surface 600-1200 mesh water

grinding paper, dry and sprayed with brightener. Small white marks can be used to

moisturize the surface with cooking oil and dry cloth.